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Webquest - How To?

Definition of a webquest.
A.   It is a list of questions or activities for you to find.
B.   Some questions have hyperlinks associated with them.  These are generally in blue and underlined.
C.   If you are on the Internet, you can put the cursor on the hyperlink.  When you click on hyperlink, you will be taken to the website from which the answer can be obtained.
D.   Read the information at the website you are directed to, then answer the question on looseleaf paper or a question worksheet.
E.   Suggestions:  as you visit each website, it is a good idea to save the site to favorites or bookmarks.   This makes it easier to revisit the site if you need more information.
F.   If you find other helpful websites, write these down.  Share these with your teacher and she will update the webquest. 
G.   If a question does not have an associated Hyperlink, you may find it easier to locate the information in a text book or other printed reference.

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