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The Homework Machine
Norwood Public School
Spelling and Vocabulary
Comprehension and Application
Assessments (Students will choose one activity to complete.)
Spelling words by chapter
Answer the comprehension questions based on your reading of Chapter 1.
Write a one paragraph summary for each chapter.  Proper sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling should be used.  It will be typed in school by the student.
Define and syllabicate Chapter 1 words
Students will "roll" the cube.  Students will choose to do one activity (Chapters 2 & 3).
Identify  6 pivotal scenes in the book.  Create a box (or use a box you find).  On each of its six sides, portray one of the scenes. Your box should have sides about 25 cm in size.
Copy chapter 2 & 3 spelling/vocabulary words 3 times
Select words from Chapters 4 and 5 to use in creating a poem.  Your poem should summarize the essence of the events in these chapters. Read Dan Gutman's rejection letters.  Summarize what Mr. Gutman learned in 3 years of rejection letters for Honus and Me.  Present your findings to the class.  Apply your new knowledge to your life. This rubric should be followed.
Use chapter 2 and 3 words to write a two paragraph summary.  (Underline the words.)
Read Chapters 4 through 7.  Select a scene in which you can insert yourself.  Write paragraph plans for a three- paragraph insert.
Write a biography of Dan Gutman.  Identify his feelings about his friends (as a child), his teachers, school, life, and discover why he writes books.
Copy chapter 4 & 5 words three times; then choose one 20-point activity to complete.
Read chapters 7 and 8.  Answer your assigned questions, and be prepared to present your answers to the class.
Compare Brenton with Nick (Frindle.)  Create a colorful Venn diagram for the class to see.  It should be a minimum of 2 X 3 feet. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization should be correct.
Copy chapter 6 & 7 words three times in cursive.

Create a board game based on The Homework Machine.  Game pieces should be the major characters (use model magic.)  6 students should be able to play your game at the same time; write the rules and attach to the back.  Follow this rubric to make sure your work is thorough.
Copy chapters 8 & 9 vocabulary terms three times, and define.

Select your favorite scene from the book. It must involve at least three characters.  Modify the book to create a skit.  Create costumes, "hire" actors, and present this to the class. (Your script will be turned in; parts should be learned.)
Read through Chapter 10, identify new vocabulary, and spelling words.

What is the conflict in the story?  How is it resolved?  Describe the way students come together to solve this; discuss your ideas with your classmates.