States on a Box!*
Use an empty cereal box to present research on your assigned states.
Follow the steps below.

1. Select a brand of cereal; modify its name to reflect an important characteristic of your states.
2. Place a physical map of each of your states on the front of your cereal box. 

  a. Include each state's capital.
  b. Give the latitude and longitude of each state's capital.
  c. Draw each state's flag.  Place these on the front of the box.

  d. Tell the states that border each of your states.
  e. Name the rivers, lakes, & land forms that are unique to your states.
3. The back panel will a collage of photographs of the people of your states.  These might include their culture, customs, foods, or dialects.
   a.   Identify the major religions, art, dance, music, food, and social groups.
   b.   What environmental factors contribute to peoples' lifestyles?
   c.   Tell the number of U. S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives your states have.  (Use the 111th Congress data.)
NJ Standards

Create a prioritized list of the five states in the United states that  you would like to study.  Every effort will be made to give students one of their top three choices if lists are submitted on time. 
4.  On each of the side panels, tell the unemployment rate in your states (one state on each side panel).  In your own words, tell the meaning of the "unemployment rate."
5.  The box top should contain statistics about your state. 
    a.  Report your states' population
    b.  Does the location of your state affect life?  (Think about the temperatures in your state.)
6.  Inside your empty cereal box, include a three dimensional prize. 
    a.  Examples might include an image, model, trinket, or statue. 
    b.  It should reflect a favorite sport, or strong cultural feature for each state.
7.  Place references you used on the bottom of the cereal box.
8. Inside the top flap, indicate the type of government of each of your states.   Tell the name of the governor.  Tell the number of counties into which your state is divided.

9.  Prepare a 30 second commercial about your states.  Dramatize the main ideas presented on your box - advertise YOUR "cereal!!"  Sing, dance, or act!  Use your cereal box in your commercial; commercials will be filmed!  "Hire" your classmates to assist you as needed (please provide them a script).  Use the U. S. or (4-S) currency to pay their wages.
    a.  Hand out an advertising flyer to your classmates - why should they "buy" your cereal?
10.  Click here for examples of student created European cereals (this is a similar project, and will give 4th graders an idea of the things that could be done!)

This web quest is a modification of a project developed by Phillip G. Hays of Robesonia, PA.  It is found on page 338D in the 2005 Teacher's Edition of the The World and Its People.  This text is published by Glencoe/McGraw Hill in Columbus, Ohio.