Skill Review

Work through the activities here to refresh your abilities to study the Earth.

You will create a skills portfolio demonstrating your knowledge.  You may choose any one of the three activities listed next to each topic. 
One of the three must be done.   All work is to be submitted when due, and should be done neatly and carefully.

Portfolio Topic
Activity Choice #1
Activity Choice #2
Activity Choice #3
1.  Density
Create a three substance model of liquids with different densities.  Photograph it, and present your explanation in class.
Use a 3-D rectangular box.  Demonstrate the principle of density to the class by varying the materials you place within the box.  Prove your answer with mathematical calculations
Write a paragraph about the density of iron, and copper.  Look at the periodic table, and relate their density to their atomic number.
2.  Convection
Create a Venn diagram comparing convection in global wind formation to convection in the mantle.
Create a Prezi or power point that includes an animation of convection.  Relate density to your explanation of how this process works in the geosphere and in the atmosphere.
Use your text.  Read about convection in the atmosphere and in the Earth's layers.  Write one paragraph sharing the similarities.
3.  Map skills
Create a poster of the compass rose.  Color it, label it, and explain who first developed this.
Make a presentation to the class on how to use the scale given on most maps. 
Go to page 2, print out the map symbols that relate to contours and explain them.
4.  Topography
Create a topographical map of your created mountain showing two hiking pats of varying steepness.
Use this topographical map. Select two trail segments and calculate their slope.  Tell which is better for a novice climber.
Label the contour intervals, index contours, hachurs, craters, and rivers on this map.
5.  Measurement

6.  Latitude & Longitude
Go to this site.  Print out the map, and plot earthquake data for different world locations using latitude and longitude.
Create a presentation to give to 4th grade students.  Tell them how to identify two cities using latitude and longitude.
Play this game.
7.  Vocabulary
Use this list of words, and create a cross word puzzle for your classmates to solve.
Create flash cards for you classmates to use in studying.
Write out definitions to the words on this list.