Publishing Checklist
Norwood Public School

This checklist is to be used by all of Norwood's writers!


Sentence Fluency

My topic is small enough to be manageable.

I have varied the lengths and beginnings of my sentences.

I have included interesting and accurate details to grab the
My sentences have rhythm and flow and are a pleasure to 

reader's attention.




I featured the theme with my title.

My spelling and grammar are correct.

I put my ideas in a logical sequence from beginning, to
I have followed the punctuation and capitalization rules.

middle, to end.


I have chosen an appropriate voice for my topic.

My handwriting is neat and easy to read.

I have made the reader think about my point of view.

My paper is clean and neat with uniform spacing and nice margins.

Word Choice

I am ready to publish!!
I have used words that are specific and accurate.

I have used appropriate language for my audience.