Norwood Public School
4th Grade

Click on a hyperlink to locate the procedures followed by all classes in science.
Students will receive copies of these pages in class; if a copy is lost - it should be reprinted and reinforced.
All links will be activated by the end of the school year;
others may be added as procedures are discussed in class and distributed to students. 


Table of Contents
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Class rules 1

To begin class
Click on the hyperlink to find out the way students are expected to enter the classroom and what they are to do when they are seated.
Required header
This format is used on all written and typed homework assignments, labs, and projects.  Follow this procedure and make sure your work is neat!!
Written work
Instructions are found here that explain what is expected (in general) of all written work.  Homework, labs, vocabulary and projects are discussed.  It is important to note that all written work submitted to Mrs. Snyder must have the proper heading. (See #3 above).
Vocabulary Grading rubric 5
This link will guide you to understand the way science vocabulary assignments are graded.  It also gives the guidelines for format.
I have a question!!
What to do if ...
This procedure will be used by all students during class when questions arise.
Cooperative groups
Cooperation, idea sharing and problem solving are important skills. These will be taught, practiced and developed throughout the school year.
What do I do with completed work?
Completed homework, labs, worksheets, and class work will be managed consistently following this procedure.  Use of this procedure will avoid loss or misplaced work.
Laboratory format and rubric
Science labs and experiments are to be completed in written form; use the specific format given at this hyperlink.  The rubric used for grading can be found here as well.  REMEMBER - LABS MAY BE CORRECTED AND RESUBMITTED FOR FULL CREDIT.
Use of laboratory materials and art supplies
Students are expected to assist Mrs. Snyder in the care of the science room.  This will require students to put materials away carefully and take care of art and lab supplies.
Science Grading Policy
This hyperlink provides students and parents with the most current grading distribution.  Science grades are weighted.
Game Card format 12
Format for creating cards for jeopardy, baseball and tic tac toe.

Do Now Section
Do now's will be short answer questions; they will be copied from the white board or distributed.  They are to be kept in each student's binder  for the duration of the marking period.
Article Review guidelines & due dates

Guidelines on how to complete your article reviews are given here.  The calendar of due dates for the entire 2009-2010 school year are also given.
Critical Thinking guidelines and due dates.
This hyperlink provides specific guidelines and due dates for all CT questions due during the 2009-2010 school year.
Binder format & home folder
This hyperlink demonstrates the color coding scheme designed to assist students in organizing their binders, and notebooks for easy location.  This hyperlink will explain the purpose of the home folder.
Cooperative learning procedures and directions

Three stay one strays guidelines.  Group sharing & note taking.
Technology procedures 18
Computer lab behavior, file saving and back up, "driver's licenses," printing, plagiarism.

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