Expectations, grading, absence, technology, and the Parent Portal

A. Punctuality
1.  Students are to arrive in class on time.

2.  Students are to submit homework and class work on time.
       a.  All written work must be submitted with student name and number in the upper left hand corner.
3.  Bring your pens, pencils, USB flash drive, your binder with paper, and your assignment pad DAILY.
4.  Missed work (see absence), or late work (except absence due to illness) must be submitted.
5.  Experiments, projects, & cooperative group work is expected to be turned in on the deadlines established.
6.  Supplies should be labeled with the student's name.
     The student's binder, tab dividers, paper, pens, & fine point sharpie should be brought to school on the 2nd day of school.

7.  It is expected that supplies that run out will be replenished as needed.
     a.  6th grade list
     b.  7th grade list
B. Absence from class
1. Students who miss class due to instrumental music lessons or TAG are expected to find out what they missed.
     They need to make work up before class on the following day.  (Failure to do so will result in the work being late.)

2.  Students on extended family vacations will not automatically receive work.

3.  Accomodations may be made if sufficient advance notice is provided.

4.  Work missed due to absences should be made up in accordance with the policy published in the Parent Handbook.
      a.  Consult pages 5-6.
      b.  Students are responsible for taking responsibility for finding out what they need to make up.
C. Grades
1.  Punctuality & Participation: 15% (homework, project, class work, makeup work, and labs on time.)

2.  Experiments and Projects: 30% (These may be corrected for extra points if completed within two weeks.)

3.  Tests and Quizzes: 25% - Finals and mid terms are delinieated below

4.   Assignments content: 30%

5.  Questions on Assignment grades should be written in the binder "Complaint Department" in Mrs. Snyder's room.

6.  Questions on student performance in class shoud be addressed by the student to Mrs. Snyder.
D.  Technology
1.  Students will use many Internet technologies including Google Docs, Blendspace, Edmodo, Prezi, and others.

2.  Students will be expected to do their own work, and understand the implications of plagiarism.

3.  Many print and online resources will be used to supplement the text book.

4.  Acceptable use policies will be submitted, and will guide student computer use/loss of privilege.

5.  Technology is to be used appropriately. Inappropriate use will result in loss of the privilege.

6.  Students are responsible for personal technology devices brought from home.

7.    Personal devices should be properly used, covered, and cared for.

8.    Students failing to follow class rules will be asked not to bring these items to the science room.
E.  Parent Portal 1.  Grades will be posted on the parent portal and students are expected to know how to view them there.

     a.  A grade of MIS or INC indicates the student did not turn in or finish the assignement according to expectations.

     b.   If there is a blank next to an assignment on the Parent Portal, it means that the assignment is currently ungraded.
     c.  Students may correct labs for full credit (if submitted on time).
            i.  Corrections are due within two weeks of their return to the student.

     d.  Most assignments have two grades: a punctuality grade and a content grade.