Here are some activities for you to use in learning key science terms
Choose at least one of the following to complete.
*Your work must be written neatly in your own handwriting.

*Create flash cards for each of the prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Number them, and make sure that your name is on each. You may use index cards, or create your own.  Minimum size is 3 X 5.
*Create a crossword puzzle and answer key for the prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Use all words, and submit your answer key and template on graph paper.
*Create rebus flash cards using the prefixes, suffixes or roots in unusual ways.  For example add the prefix caud to the prefix cyto and draw the result on the front of an index card.  On the back, give the answers.
Create an iMovie or video to show the class that shows yourself (and a partner?) explaining and demonstrating the prefixes.  Humor is welcomed!!
*Create an exercise plan (and demonstrate) indicating to the class the way to perform the exercises using the words, roots and prefixes.  For example, say abduct your left arm, then adduct it. Then, demonstrate the exercises.
*Create a song to help your classmates memorize the prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Select a melody the class is familiar with and then lead the class in singing this (you may also create an iMovie that we can follow along with.)
Create a power point jeopardy game to share with the class.  Include five categories and all the prefixes, roots, and suffixes on your list.
*Think about the way you learn best.  Compare two ways to learn the terms.
Write about or present the way that worked best for you and tell why.
Create a board game or something such as I Have Who Has and share this with the class.

For extra credit, investigate this site
Briefly describe what can be done here, and the way it helped or did not help you learn your terms.

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