Do all plant structures look the same?
Find out!!

Your task:
Use the table below and the hypelinks provided.  For each of the main structures you need to create (Mrs. Snyder's garden), find two different ways "real" plants solve the problem. Describe, draw, or insert the image (document it) into a Word document.  This is not homework, but will be completed before you begin your "plant" for the window.

Leaf shapes,   pictures of different leaves,  more leaves,  leaves of  different trees and bushes, dichotomous key for trees, carnivorous plants,
"Water Absorbing Anchors"
Pictures of roots,  pictures, plant root tropisms - animations, roots at work - preventing soil creep, roots getting into tough spots, underground arrangement options.
"Supportive Elevators"
pictures & drawings, stem habits, plant anatomy and cross sections,
"Make more of Me" structures.
Flower anatomy, ppt presentation in html version, flowering plant reproduction, biology for kids site
Drought - proof your landscapes to conserve our most valuable resource.

These references could apply to any or all of the structures above
Slide show
Plant images
Plant anatomy - drawings
all parts of plants, pictures and diagrams
Great, simple pictures
Advanced anatomy