Norwood Public School
Term papers, reports, and other student writing assignments

2009 - 2010

We will delve into topics of great importance to student success in higher education. 
Topics to be covered include:  paraphrasing, plagiarism and citation of various types of resources.
Serious consequences await students who fail to learn to write original works.

  1. What is plagiarism?  What are some academic consequences of committing plagiarism?
  2. How are plagiarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing different? Find web sites and quote these in your report.
  3. Select two of the following hyperlinks.  Research these high school policies on plagiarism.  Compare and contrast.
  4. #1   #2   #3  
  5. How do you properly cite a reference (so your teacher can verify it!  For help with MLA format click here.)
  6. Write a policy for Norwood Public School.  Tell the consequences for plagiarism.  
  7. Write a paragraph describing the impact of plagiarism in the following situation.  (This could occur, but does not represent a true person or scenario.)
    1. A doctor plagiarized his way through medical school. 
      • He copied other student's papers.
      • He asked other student's to write his homework and projects. 
    2. He extracted information verbatim from medical journals.  
    3. He cheated on tests.
    4. You do not know this; you have a heart condition and go to him for treatment. 
    5. Your life depends upon a doctor taking a knowledgeable, accurate, visionary approach. Will this doctor be able to do this?