Once you've mastered a topic, your solidify your learning by sharing what you know
Student teams will be assigned a topic
For each topic they must create each of the following:

1.  Create a word search with ten key words for their topic. You must hide a message about your topic in the word search.
4.  Create a concept map of the information in the topic.  This is like an outline, except that information is organized in boxes. Here is an example of one on the topic of cells.
2.  Create a crossword puzzle with a different set of ten words about the same topic you were given.
5.  Create a shape poem using ten of the words you have already used.  Here's an example.
3.  Create a word scramble.  Give ten additional key word definitions, and scramble the answer. Provide an answer key for the student completing this to write the correctly unscrambled word.
6. Create an 8.5 by 11 black and white image containing important images relating to the topic.  It should be something the students can color in and use as a tab divider.


Energy in an ecosystem
Scientific method
Controlled experiments
Metric measurement
Natural selection
Characteristics & needs of living things
Chemicals of life
Diffusion and Osmosis
Prokaryotic cells
eukaryotic cells
Linnaean classification
Kingdoms of life
Kingdom Animalia
Kingdom Plantae
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Protista
Kingdom Eubacteria
Kingdom Archaebacteria
Photosynthesis & cellular respiration
Heredity & diversity
Genotypes and phenotypes
Mendelian genetics
Selective breeding
Impact of human behavior
Staining specimens in microscopy