1.  Virtual Microscopy
2.  Science with a microscope
3.  The smallest page on the web
4.  The science spot
5.  Introduction to microscopy
6.  Label the microscope
7.  Take the microquiz
8.  View this power point
9.  Example microscope internet scavenger hunt
10.  Mad Scientists
11.  How Big is a....
12.  Common beginner's mistakes
13.  Common errors in photomicrography
14.  Troubleshooting set up errors
15.  The amazing world under a microscope
16.  Refraction and microscopy

17.  Microbes, microscopy, and refraction
18.  General staining methods
19.  Microscopy and medicine
20.  Videomicroscopy
21.  Label the microscope and answer the questions.
22.  Care and handling

Movie on how to make a wet mount slide.
Make a wet mount slide with and staining a specimen.
Do's and don'ts, motility restrictions, and staining.
Onion cell and cheek cell slides

Class assignments for Internet Scavenger Hunt

wet mount of Elodea, Onion, and Human cheek cells.