The Earth's Waters

Chapter in Text
Chapter 14
Fresh water
Properties, surface and ground water & the water cycle
Chapter 15
Ocean water
Properties, ocean currents, estuaries , waves & tides
Chapter 16
Ocean basins
Ocean exploration, topography, and life zones.

There are 12 project options for the unit covering the earth's waters.
Each student will complete one of these and prepare a presentaion
summarizing findings to the entire class.

Click on the links below to preview the project options. 
Submit a prioritized list of your wishes.
Each student will be assigned a different project with more details to follow.  
Each project is worth two test grades.

2007 assignments:
TA: #1
GG:  #5
VP:  #9
AB: #3
CL:  #3
BP:  #8
AD:  #1
JMC:  #6 DP:  #9

1. Sea Turtle Tracking
2. Gulf Stream Voyage
3. Stowaway Adventure

4. The COOLroom 5. Boiling Point
Design your own project & web page ( Part 1 )
6. Navigational Vectors - see Mrs. Snyder, access is required&aamp;ggt;
7. Bubbling Cauldron

8. Sharks - what's on the menu?   Click here for a worksheet (Word) to follow.
9. Cracking Dams - Intermediate level
10. Bottled or tap
11. What is Acoustic Monitoring?  How is it being used?
12.  Estuaries - What is Estuary Live?  Its History, its importance and its application?
13.  Special pilot


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