Earth Science

Norwood Public School

Visit the desired link below to accomplish assigned activities.

Folding and faulting
View the Video of life through time
Plate Tectonics  Proof? Review
The Formation of Mountains
Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Minerals   Minerals - virtual molecular images
The Earth’s Waters
The Hydrologic Cycle
Climate and Weather
Studying Hurricanes
Environmental Science
Environmental Resources

Solar system, stars and the sun:  astronaut photographs may be viewed here.
Brain teasers!

A Field Trip to Ogdensburg
View the Tozour Family Fluorescent Rock collection
Visit the Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Visit the Museum at Franklin, NJ
Mineralogical Websites from Herb Yeates
Encyclopedia of the Earth
Earth Science Photo Glossary
Earth Science Picture of the Day
Interesting article
Earth Science World
Karst Landscapes - models

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