Grade 8 Mineral Project
Investigate resources available on the Internet

Click here for useful websites:  mineral identification chartrocks and minerals.

Go to the site entitled Minerals by Name (other resources may be used as well)
Each student will be assigned a specific mineral. 
You will need to obtain clear pictures of this mineral.  All references for both images and the content of your presentation must be documented using the APA format.  (Notes on this will be given in class.)  Create a poster on white poster board.  It must be in landscape orientation and 12" by 18" in size.

XC:  Choose an addition mineral from those available on Mrs. Snyder's list.  Conduct the same research as you did for your assigned mineral. 
XC:  There is a class of minerals that "violates" the properties of minerals given in your text.  Present the properties, identify this class and explain why these are included in the definition of minerals.
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