Grade 6
Unit I:  Science Practices
Objective A: Describe and demonstrate "safety" in laboratory activities.
1.  Students will select one activity from numbers one through five. 
2.  They will work as part of a cooperative group to make a presentation including the three most important procedures.
3.  They will create and perform in a skit to demonstrate one assigned safety procedure correctly.

Activity or Reading
Student goal
Video describing procedures for safety in science.
Listen to the video, write one paragraph explaining why safety procedures are important.
What safety guidelines are found in this article?
In addition to reference 2, research the information found here.  Create a Venn Diagram comparing the information presented in the two (use correct spelling, grammar, composition, and punctuation.)
What are the universally recognized safety symbols?
Pick two safety symbols, create colorful posters to place in the classroom.  Give reasons for your choice.
View this power point, and take notes in outline format.
Classify the safety principles found in the power point.  Identify the seven main categories.
What first aid supplies should be available in the first aid kit in our science classroom?
Design a first aid kit inventory list.  Give the rationale for each supply you include.
Students will create a safety shield poster.
Survey these examples, and make notes on what you see.
Identify the name and purpose of each of the science tools on the page in the "student goal column."
What are these gizmos?
Additional references:
Power point references about safety.
References for life science.