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Mathematics concepts
Projects and activities
Chapter 19
Tessellation's by M. C. Escher: Interactive tessellationsPaper Cut Method & Art Workshop
Challenge problems
Complete the assigned problem in your marble notebook.

Chapter 1
Place Value
Games and practice
Place value pictures (from The Mailbox)

Chapters 8, 10, 11, & 12
Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
Review games - tic tac toe
Multiplication bingo
Mathematics facts practice
Favorite web site of NPS 4th grade teachers
test yourself on your facts
Chapter 8
Associative, Identity, Zero, and Commutative properties
View and play this power point
Chapters 1 & 2
Ordering numbers
Varying speeds and number sizes
Chapter 2
Rounding numbers
Chapter 3
Addition, practice
Addition attack

Angles, and Forces
Vary the force and angle of a cannon to accurately make the shot
Chapters 8, 10, 11, & 12 Multiplication practice
Multiplication bingo
Multiplication and more!  Evaluate this set of activities

Chapters 13, 14, & 15

Interactive division activities
Snork's Long division
Catch the quotient!
Application challenges
Pizza Challenge
Road sign challenge
Chapter 4
Equations, Expressions, Working Backwards problems
Jeopardy review power point
Chapters 17 & 18
Mathematics Percents, Exponents & Geometry
Integers  Basic Math  Percent  Exponents  Geometry

Chapters 17 & 18

Geometry & Critical Thinking
Geometry Scavenger Hunt (advanced)
Scavenger hunt (intermediate)
Scavenger Hunt - required
Geometry Choice Board
Geometry worksheets

Chapter 5

1  2  3  4  5
Teaching Clock
Spanish Teaching Clock
Worksheets to reinforce time
Telling time

Chapters 20 & 24

Temperature & measurement
The eIditarod
WebQuest: the Iditarod
Convert temperatures
metric conversions

Chapter 7

Pictographs, line graphs, bar graphs,
Ordered pairs in 4 quadrants - interactive
BrainPop - great movie!
More cool coordinate interactives
Review of ordered pairs basics, next, practice page, and a general coordinates game.
Snow graphing
New Jersey wintertime statistics
Chapter 6
Mean, Median, Mode
View this power point for assistance
Extra practice with stem and leaf plots.
Visit Harcourt Math for review of definitions.

Chapters 21, & 22

Fractions, more fractions, visual fractions, & action fraction
remainders as decimals, percents, and fractions
Fraction games and interactive drawing
Equivalent Fractions
Adding and subtracting fractions ppt
More adding and subtracting!

Chapter 27

Working with money
Pizza problems
Multiplication with money
Make change
Learn about money
The Money program
The Classroom store
Grand Opening:  SSSS Store!
Spanish $ transactions  Buying things - Spanish
Convert money
Chapter 20
Negative numbers
Winter weather

Chapter1 17, 18, 28 & 29

Building skyscrapers
Strong as the weakest link
Volume, area, dimension
Rectangular solids
Homestead project guidelines
4th Grade Travels to the Beaches
Resources - enrichment
Chapter 30
Platonic Solid Models
Visit this link for independent activities.
More platonic solids!!
Chapter 23

Chapter 25
Teacher, Parent, and Student activities
Chapter 26
Decimals, Addition, Subtraction & money

Olympic Math
Discover mathletes: application of math to the Olympics
Open Ended Problems
Visit this link to test your knowledge.
Mortgage Interest
Mortgage interest calculator
Differentiated approach:  Focussed lessons, quizzes, & post test - or -
mathematics application challenges. Navigational Vectors (Based upon pretest performance).

Assessments:  Quizzes, tests, & projects

  Math resource sites
Printables for every topic
A+ Math
Early Math & help
Math references
BrainPop Math
4th grade math skills

NJ Core Curriculum Standards for math
Differentiated Instruction
Use these patterns to create challenging activities

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