Kingdom Eubacteria
What's on the menu?
Eubie's Famous Diner

Select either an "Appy" or a salad.
Appy's:  5 points

Select a main course.
What's in a name? Discover and explain the way bacteria are named.
Pathogenic bacteria
Desert is optional (XC)
Microbe scramble. This jumble of shapes and sizes needs to be undone.
Museum of Bacteria

5-inch appy. Create poster to show the compartive size of bacteria.
Select a beverage 5 points
Salad: 5 points


Colorful cellulose: What bacteria help plants? Describe the N2 cycle.

Rumination special: How do bacteria enable animals digest their food?
More Bio4k

Main Course: 80 points

Science clarified

Smorgasboard of facts: complete the webquest found here.
Foods to be avoided when traveling

Tasty morsels: find the shape, name, and physiology of bacteria that manage cellulose in the gut of herbivores and  omnivores..
Food Safety

Submit your "meal"

Desert: up to 5 points

Mixed fruits: What should you watch for when traveling abroad?

Sam 'n Ella's special: What bacterium likes to go out to eat?