Current Concepts and Moral Challenges in Science
Course Format

Students are largely responsible for their own learning.
Thinking, reflecting, and wrestling with concepts is expected. It isn't easy.
The level of independence for project completion will increase during the school year. Expect it, and embrace it.

In the beginning of the course, the approach to content mastery, ethical issues, and action plans will be discussed, and modeled in class.
During early units, content mastery will be verified, student questions reviewed, & challenges ascertained.
Following completion of class activities, students will be responsible for selecting a topic or application to conduct research on between classes.
Subsequent classes will involve student presentations (in various and often student selected formats) of their acquired knowledge.

The class will brainstorm action options, and ask questions.
Knowledge will be refined, targeted additional research will be identified, and an action plan will be formulated.
The action will be the culmination of the topic of each unit.

Students will carry out their chosen ideas, and will then evaluate the outcome.

We then begin the next unit.