Concepts, Challenges and Decisions in Science
Student Responsibilities

Your responsibility is to own every part of the class.
Your organization, communication, preparation, behavior, and outcome/product.
Our first unit will be Genetics.

The manner in which you organize is yours to design, but you will need to be organized.

You will be expected to have all materials distributed to you in class available at each class and for the duration of the unit.
You will be expected to have read and learned the content of each article, and web reference assigned.
You will be expected to ask questions if you don't understand the material, any part of it.
You will be expected to work to learn, not come to class and be retaught something you have been taught previously.
Effort is required, and effort takes time.
Read your emails.
Check Engrade.

The assignments you receive are due when they are due. No excuses.
Make time to get them done.
Late work will receive a zero. Period.
Do your work, even if you don't like the assignment.
Your completion of assignments affects group discussions.

Dig Deep, don't just scratch the surface
The more thought and effort you put into the issues that have been presented, the more you will get out of this class.
Effort is expected. Dig below the surface.

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