science words

Science teachers, texts, articles, and scientists use lots of big words!
They can be hard to figure out, and remember.
If you don't know them, it is hard to read or talk about science.

There is help!

Each unit in science will have key vocabulary (words) that are unique and crucial to your understanding of important concepts.
1.  At the beginning of each unit the key terms will be presented in context.
2.  Students will then work together to group
words and make linkages to things they know.
3.  Students will define the term in their own words.
4. Work with a partner to introduce your
word to the class by sharing your word groupings.
5.  You will also work with a partner or group to brainstorm key vocabulary or associations that help us more fully understand the terms.

Here is an example of the process you will follow. A word you will here often is PERSEVERANCE.  (Some other key words for the first science unit are hypothesis, experiment, data, results, analysis, and application.)

Steps involved in learning the word "perseverance"
Student activities
1.  Use the term in context of the unit.
1. The word "perseverance" means to continue working and trying new solutions to solve science problems or answer hard questions until you are successful.
2.  Next find other words that can be linked to the term (Often these will be found in the vocabulary for the unit.) 2.  The student exhibited perseverance in conducting the experiment several time to obtain the results expected by the teacher.
3.  Then, define the term in your own words (no dictionaries.)
3.  I show that I have perseverance when I keep writing, revising, rewriting, and revising a paper until it is the best it can be.
4.  Brainstorm with a partner, and create a graphic organizer, power point, or skit to introduce your word to the class.
4.  Here is a word web showing other terms that are similar in meaning to perseverance.
5.  Present your research to the class, and if necessary, modify your schema.
5.  Following class discussion, you will create a revised word web. (A useful reference is text2mindmap.)