Nervous System and Senses

Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014
updated 11/16/2013

Topic: Human nervous system.

Objectives:   Students will investigate the manner in which nerve impulses are transmitted throughout the human nervous system.  They will discern the structure, and therefore function of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems. They will label and be able to restate the structure and function of a neuron.

1.  Chapter 8 of the student text.

Discussion Questions: 
Choose 3 of 4 to write answers to and email as appropriate. 
1.  Explain the method by which nerve impulses are transmitted along neurons.  Provide a rationale for the existence of the myelin sheath, and explain its function.  Write answers in your own words and make sure you do not cut and paste answers from websites that you use.
Cite your references using APA format.
2.  Explain how an impulse travels across a synapse.  Tell how neurotransmitters work; draw a picture showing where they are released, and how they move the message across the synapse.
3.  Think back to our study of the skeletal system.  Identify the location of spinal nerves on a diagram of your choosing.  Tell why a problem in an intervertebral disc that impinges on one of these nerves is so problematic.
4.  Conduct research to identify the way young children are taught to tackle in football.  Find out what specific ways young players are taught to protect injury to the spinal nerves in the cervical region of the neck.

Activities: Complete #1, and select either 2 or 3 to complete.
Complete student workbook pages (Pages 117 - 135.)
2.  Create a simple model of the human brain. Be able to explain why concussions are so harmful, and what brain functions might be affected by a serious contusion to the forehead.
3.  Complete and print the activity found here.  If you cannot access the word search interactively, print this one and bring it to class.

Lecture power point:  View this power point before answering discussion questions.

New (and corrected) QUIZ  Here is the code for this week's quiz: EGHS
1.  The quiz may be taken multiple times, complete your readings before your first attempt.
2.  Keep a printed copy of your completed quiz (on which you earned 100%) in your binder. There are short answer questions, and in one question you will need to make a drawing.  Bring this to class with you on Monday.
3.  Here is a challenging quiz that will assess your understanding of what happens at a biochemical level.  Here is another review quiz.  It is lengthy and challenging - print it and bring it in for extra credit.

Class Activity: 11/11/2013 Conduct this webquest.  Class video: 11/18/2013

Additional References to Consult
1.  Internet 4 Classrooms
2.  Anatomical Position Terminology
3.  Cheat Sheet for roots, prefixes, suffixes, and planes
4.  Flashcards to assist your learning of terms of anatomical location
5.  More anatomical terminology
6.  Eye and Ear

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