Weeks 3 and 4

Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014

Topic: Human muscular system.
Objectives:   Students will identify the location and function of the muscles of the human body.  They will learn the way muscle fibers contract, and identify the role of actin and myosin in contraction.
1.  Text Chapter 7
3.  Read the article here, and identify the three types of muscle tissue, and tell how muscles contract.
Discussion Question:  Differentiate muscular strength. muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.  Write three paragraphs explaining your findings, and your opinion about which of the three is most important to overall health.
Read your text, and identify one additional reference for your answer and email the answers to Mrs. Snyder.  Cite your references using APA format.
Activities (Do all three)
1.  Do Text: pages 52 - 3 1 & 2, Chapter 7 pages 99 - 112
2.  Play the matching game found here.
3.  Create a Prezi or power point explaining how muscle contraction occurs.  Discuss myosin, actin, and find an animation showing the way muscle contraction occurs at the fiber level.  INCLUDE THIS QUIZ IN YOUR PREZI!
1.  There is no online quiz this week.
Additional References to Consult
1.  Internet 4 Classrooms
2.  Anatomical Position Terminology
3.  Cheat Sheet for roots, prefixes, suffixes, and planes
4.  Flashcards to assist your learning of terms of anatomical location
5.  More anatomical terminology
6.  Anatomy of the human hand
7.  Muscular System
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