Weeks 2 - 3

Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014

Topic: Human skeletal system, and organization of body systems.

1.  Use proper anatomical terminology to describe the location of landmarks on bones.
2.  Provide a rationale for the structure, location, and orientation of bones in the skeletal system.
3.  Identify the types of bone, and the purposes of the skeletal system.
4.  Name the major types of joints, and identify their location on the skeleton.

1.  Text: Chapter 6
2.  Use this reference to assist you in identifying and locating bones of the Skeletal System.
3.  View this interactive power point.
4.  Go to this website, and print the flash cards for the bones.
5.  Review your knowledge of the names of the bones with this game.

Discussion Questions: 
Choose 3 of the 5 below to write answers to and email as appropriate.  Models should be presented to your classmates at the beginning of week 3.
Cite your references using APA format.

1.  Compare and contrast the joints at the hip and shoulder?
2.  Explain the purpose of cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Differentiate these.
3.  Locate the origin and insertion of the biceps brachii, quadriceps femoris, and sternocleidomastoid muscles on the skeleton.  Print a picture of the skeletal regions on which they are found and "draw" the muscles.
4.  Create a model of the vertebral column to demonstrate the purpose of intervertebral discs.
5.  Discover the impact of poor diet, especially low vitamin C, on the skeletal system. 

Activity (Complete student workbook pages 73 - 80, 83 - 88, and choose 1 of 2 below.)
1.  Use the list of landmarks provided here.  Locate these on your own body.  Identify these on a diagram of your selection.
2.  Discover and develop a nutritional plan that meets the needs of the skeletal system.  You may choose to do so for a child, teenager, or adult. Provide references in APA format.
3.  Activities to be completed in class on October 7.  Use the website found here to complete the table.

Lecture power point:
View the power point in class, and a copy of the note taking version will be distributed in class.
We'll begin class by taking this quiz.
This reference will be introduced in the lecture, but requires a login to view.

Quiz:  Your code for this week is EXYV - the quiz has been updated as there were technical difficulties!
1.  The quiz may be taken multiple times, complete your readings before your first attempt.
2.  Keep a printed copy of your completed quiz (on which you earned 100%) in your binder.

Additional References to Consult
1.  Internet 4 Classrooms
2.  Anatomical Position Terminology
3.  Cheat Sheet for roots, prefixes, suffixes, and planes
4.  Flashcards to assist your learning of terms of anatomical location
5.  More anatomical terminology
6.  These bones of mine
7.  Anatomy references, lessons, and power points.

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