Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014

Topic: Genetics & Inheritance
Objectives:   Students will understand the relationship between meiosis and genetics.  They will identify and explore their own traits, and concepts of complete dominance, & co-dominance.  Students will solve problems to determine the phenotype and genotype of offspring, and identify possible outcomes of various genetic crosses.  Brief discussions of genetic abnormalities and the ethical concerns faced by families and doctors will be presented.
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, Chapters 20 & 21
Discussion Questions: 
Choose one of the essays below. Write an in-depth answer and email to Mrs. Snyder.
Please write in sufficient depth to clearly demonstrate your understanding. 
1.  Parents have the ability to participate in genetic screening before having children.  Discuss the ethics of this.  Use Scripture to support your viewpoint.
2.  How could knowledge of genetics, and Punnett squares be helpful? 
3.  What are the ethical challenges facing Christians that relate to medical technological advances in the field of genetics.  Share your opinion on the way this technology should be used.
Activity - do all
  1. Complete workbook pages 351-2, and do questions.
  2. Complete workbook pages 370 - 376, and 380.
  3. Complete the Face Lab.
  4. Complete problem worksheets distributed in class.
Quizzes: Take the quiz covering genetics by June 2. Check back here for the code CLBX and hyperlink.

Classwork on May 19:  Problems Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

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