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Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014

Topic: Digestive system.
Objectives:   Students will trace proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids from the mouth through its absorption and the elimination of waste.  They will be able to explain where nutrients are moved into the circulatory system, water is resorbed, and digestive juices enter this sytem.
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, Chapter 16
Discussion Questions: 
Choose one of the essays below. Write an indepth answer and email to Mrs. Snyder.
Please write in sufficient depth to clearly demonstrate your understanding. 
1.  What impact does a diet without fiber have on the flora in the small intestine?  Explain the impact on the human body.
2.  Investigate unusual foods that are staples in a country you might serve in.  Identify the biggest challenge to eating unusual foods, their nutritional value, and the organs in the digestive system responsible for their breakdown.
3.  Investigate celiacs disease. What are its symptoms? What foods are off limits to someone with this disease?  What digestive system organs are involved?
Activity - select either GastroWorld or two others
  1. Selected activities will be completed from this reference.
  2. Review Junkyard Digestion
  3. Watch "It Takes Guts." - not for those who are too squeamish
  4. Build a Theme Park:  "GastroWorld" - follow this rubrc
  5. Consult this website, use the information to create a poster, power point, or ????.
1.  Take this quiz by March 22. Here is the code: MK789CL

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