Week 1

Anatomy and Physiology 2013 - 2014

Topic: Terms of orientation, introduction to the skeletal system, and course overview

1.  Use proper anatomical terminology to describe body direction, surfaces,
and body planes.
2.  Restate the relationship between anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology at the organ, organ system, and organism level of organization.
3.   Learn the manner in which each week will proceed, and student should manage their responsibilities.

1.  Text, Chapters 1, and  6.
2.  Anatomical position and planes
3.  Challenge reading: Why is anatomy important?
4.  Challenge reading: Learning Anatomy for Use Beyond the Classroom
5.  Multimedia presentation on Greek and Latin roots
6.  YouTube video

Discussion Questions
Choose 2 of the 4 below to write answers to and email.
Cite your references using APA format.

1.  Why is it necessary to learn the terminology and planes of orientation?
2.  Explain the difference between anterior and ventral.  Use a human and a four legged animal in your explanations.
3.  How is anatomy related to physiology? Base your answers on the readings, and document your references.
4.  Discuss the value of knowing Latin and Greek to your study of anatomy and physiology.

Activities: ( #1 is required, and choose either 2 or 3 to do by the end of Week 3.)
1.  Student workbook pages 4 - 6, 8, 73, 74, 79, & 80.
2.  Use some of the words found in reference #5.  Create a board game similar to Monopoly or Life for your classmates. Design game board pieces (that reflect the words you choose), your currency should be appropriate and related, and your rules should be thorough.  This game will be due at the end of Week 3.
3.  Create a list of affixes and roots that are useful to know in studying the human body systems and their physiology.  Simplify this as much as possible, and distribute a copy to each classmate to benefit his or her study. This will be due at the end of Week 3.

Lecture power point:
View the power point, and download a copy of the note taking version here to keep in your binder.
This reference will be introduced in the lecture, but requires a login to view.

1.  The quiz may be taken multiple times, complete your readings before your first attempt.
2.  Keep a page in your binder that shows the date and score of your completed quiz.
3.  9ACG, enter your first and last name
4.  Here are directions to follow in accessing and taking the quiz.

Additional References to Consult
1.  Internet 4 Classrooms
2.  Anatomical Position Terminology - pages week 1
3.  Cheat Sheet for roots, prefixes, suffixes, and planes
4.  Flashcards to assist your learning of terms of anatomical location
5.  More anatomical terminology
6.  For practice with terminology
7.  More practice

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