What does it mean when applied to science?

After completing the assigned activities here,
 you will better understand the rationale for this, and its application to your life, and to science in general.

You will be assigned varying numbers of activities to complete. 
Each student will be assigned different activities. 
Some students may complete fewer activities, remember fair does not mean equal.

Shoe classification lab
BrainPop Classification Game
Create 30 questions of varying difficulty (with answers) for classification baseball.
Taxonomic Twisters
Interpreting Graphics
Potato Chip Classification
What did T. rex taste like?
Write a song about the classification.
Create classification jeopardy.
Invertebrate classification
Classify leaves
The arctic hare
Calculate the time it took Carolus Linnaeus to classify all living creatures.
Smart Board Classification
Biology animal classification
Define these terms
Make a classification board game.
Create a classification quilt.
Write a book for 4th graders on classification. Base it on this movie.
Classifying Flora